About Us

Turkish Linux Users Association (LKD) is a non-governmental organization in Turkey, created by people who believe in free software and aims at acting together by sharing knowledge and experience.

LKD works for penetration of free software and Linux in Turkey and creating the awareness of free software, so that the citizens of Turkey get the benefits of free software. LKD aims at contributing the personal development of its members as a benefit to their professional careers. LKD works for the role of free software within the information and communications technology policies of Turkey, shares these with the public and works for realization of them.

LKD organizes seminars, workshops, festivals and conferences for informing people in each and every part of the country on free software. LKD generates content for digital and printed media as much as its resources allow and makes efforts on distributing it to masses. LKD provides online services for mediating between people and organizations interested in free software.

LKD cooperates with other open source and free software communities and supports them as well as NGOs on information and communication technologies.

LKD embraces open source and free software philosophy and aims at supporting any product, technology, community and platform which are compliant with this philosophy. Although it is organized mainly around GNU/Linux, LKD supports usage of all other free software operating systems, products and free software licenses.

LKD cooperates with individuals and companies that directly or indirectly support free software and wants to be a platform for interaction between them.

LKD considers itself as a member of international free software community. LKD works in cooperation with international free software community and works for application of internationally accepted standards to Turkey.

LKD believes that Linux and free software is quite important for Turkey. LKD aims at contributing any effort for using free software in Turkey.

LKD membership declares the commitment and sympathy to free software philosophy. In this sense, we call everyone embracing free software philosophy to join us as a member of LKD and work on creating new projects and encouraging the usage of free software in Turkey.

Son güncelleme 7 December 2022