Our Principles

Turkish Linux Users Association’s (LKD) principles define priorities of the association; define how and under which conditions we protect these priorities. The free software concept that is mentioned in our principles is detailed at http://www.gnu.org/philosophy/free-sw.html.

Our Priority Will Be Free Software Users and Free Software Supporters

Turkish Linux Users Association has formed by the gathering of specifically GNU/Linux operating system, and generally free software users and developers. Primarily, we’ll take notice of the ideas and needs of free software users, developers and supporters.

We’ll Support Free Software

In Turkey and all over the world, we’ll support all free software projects that ask for our help, that we can reach and that we believe that will be improved by our support.

We’ll Prefer Free Software

We’ll prefer free softwares in our servers, regular/unregular meetings that we join/organize, seminars and conferences, and all areas we represent Turkish Linux Users Association. We’ll mention that we prefer and use free software. We’ll take care of public accessibility of the free software we use.

We’ll Inform

We’ll share our knowledge and that we produce. We aim to guide our members, supporters and free software users to share information.

We’ll be open with our members and inform them about new developments.

We’ll exchange ideas with free software supporters and users about all issues.

We’ll inform all people we can reach about free software.

We’ll produce knowledge that supports preferring free software all areas and spread it. We’ll promote free software in Turkey and we’ll work to provide its wide-spread usage.

We’ll inform the society to avoid the formation of national and international monopolies in the area of information technology.

We’ll Unify

We’ll effort about working together with other communities that work for same purpose with us.

We’ll provide free software projects to know each other, and we’ll provide users to know about people and corporations/institutes that support free softwares.

We’ll Work Non-Profit

Our priority will never be financial. We’ll work to acquire income only for the aims that we’ve mentioned above.

We won’t sell service directly. We’ll be of equal distance to everyone and we’ll leave this duty to corporates and institutes that are free software supporters. We’ll use our knowledge and manpower for the usage of free software that we support in all areas.

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