LKD’s roots date back to 1992 and the first organizational efforts started in 1993 through mailing list.

Mailing list members communicating via electronic means met face-to-face for he first time on the 1st Internet in Turkey Conference in 1995. Turkish Linux Users Group was founded in a computer lab during the conference.

1996 : was launched prior to Internet in Turkey Conference. followed the web site which mirrored many free software projects. Linux was a topic in the conference program for the first time and a Linux lab was opened.

1997 : Linux and free software has a dedicated hall during the Internet Conference. Linux CDs and a Linux book written by Turkish Linux Users Group were distributed.

1998 : First Turkish Linux distribution Turkuaz GNU/Linux was developed in Turkish by Turkish Linux Users Group and was distributed along with a user’s manual during the Internet Conference.

1999 : Linux and free software has its own dedicated hall at the Academic ICT Conference which started in 1999. A few days of Linux training courses were held before the conference to academic IT staff. This became an annual event.

2000 : Turkish Linux Users Association (LKD) was officially founded by Turkish Linux Users Group on May. LKD now has its own dedicated server and the mailing list was moved to The number of mailing lists have been increasing and varying on different subjects and became the main communication tool since then. Regular seminars started in Ankara, Istanbul and Izmir and have continued for over 5 years. Many topics have been covered and many speakers gained experience.

2002 : First “mobile” seminar tour took place through 6 cities during the Internet Week. It was a big success; many people who don’t live in major cities had the chance to attend seminars. This led to many upcoming mobile seminars up to now.

Organized by LKD, first “Linux and Free Software Fest” was held in 2002 for 4 days in 5 parallel halls. Many sessions took place, company/community stands and an Internet cafe was set up. It ended with a game tournament and the fest became a tradition since then.

2004 : Planet Linux, gathering Turkish free software related blogs was launched.

2005 : Indexes of Turkish free software related manuals, books, companies and developed free software online are now published in

LKD published an online magazine Penguence (Pengiun-ish), success stories, Turkish documents. LKD attended many events and held many seminars. LKD had press releases, cooperated with hundreds of companies and represented free software community in many platforms.

With nearly 20 years of history under its belt, LKD is working on the development, realization of many free software related projects and promotion of free software usage with hundreds of members around Turkey and the world.

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